Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.


Pepe was interviewed yesterday by TVE. He talked about the loss to Argentina, Friday’s match, a bit about Liverpool, & that he’s going to be a dad again. 10.6.10


Kalou confirms that Torres DID NOT sing YNWA

Fernando Torres Talks About Barcelona, Real, Manchester, Chelsea, Liga BBVA & Premier League (by FCBv7m10


Interview with translation in English

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Del Bosque: “Soy del Real Madrid y del Barcelona a muerte” (by LIGABBVA)

Spain NT 08.08.2011

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Apoyo incondicional a la selección a pesar de la derrota (by LIGABBVA


Spain NT 11.07.2011

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Ramos: “If Del Nido doesn’t like our league then he should look for another one” (by LigaBBVAworld)

Spain NT 31.08.2011

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Ramos y Busquets liman asperezas entre Barça y Madrid (by vaniibarbiewoo)

Spain NT 01.09.2011

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Botía: “Estar en la selección es un sueño” (by LIGABBVA)

Spain NT 04.09.2011

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